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2017 Memorial Day Sweepstakes Winners

LANHAM, MD — AMVETS leaders congratulate AMVETS 2017 Memorial Day Weekend Sweepstakes grand prize winner Frederick L. Delcamp. AMVETS National Commander Harold Chapman personally offered Mr. Delcamp his congratulations on winning the $10,000 sweepstakes grand prize.

AMVETS selected the 10 lucky sweepstakes winners from over 100,000 entries from around the country for prizes ranging from $500 to the $10,000 grand prize. The drawing took place at the AMVETS National Headquarters in Lanham, MD.

Proceeds from the sweepstakes will help support AMVETS’ continuing mission to deliver quality of life programs for veterans and their families.

  • $10,000.00 Frederick L. Delcamp
  • $5,000.00 Mr. Charles A. Kraus
  • $2,500.00 Charles A. Burmeister
  • $1,000.00 Marialana W. Branch
  • $500.00 Joseph D. Carty
  • $500.00 Ian Ronald Erickson
  • $500.00 Hoyd O. Sanders
  • $500.00 Gary E. Haines
  • $500.00 Mr. Andy Sharpe
  • $500.00 Mr. & Mrs. John Chakos

A leader since 1944 in preserving the freedoms secured by America’s armed forces, AMVETS provides support for veterans and the active military in procuring their earned entitlements, as well as community service and legislative reform that enhances the quality of life for this nation’s citizens and veterans alike. AMVETS is one of the largest congressionally-chartered veterans’ service organizations in the United States, and includes members from each branch of the military, including the National Guard and Reserves. To learn more visit

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