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American Legion, AMVETS and CVA Joint Statement on VA Spending Request

Washington, DC – Today, the American Legion, AMVETS (American Veterans), and Concerned Veterans of America (CVA) released the following statement regarding congressional posturing resulting from a request made by acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs Sloan Gibson for an additional $17.6 billion in funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs:

“Regardless of the merits, a last-minute VA request for $17.6 billion dollars in additional spending only hampers an already difficult VA conference committee negotiating process. Both the House and Senate VA reform bills that passed were centered on two things—accountability and access. It is disgraceful and utterly painful to see bipartisan efforts erode and lawmakers lose sight of what’s important. Negotiations, which should happen in public, not behind closed doors, must stay focused on ensuring VA leadership is held accountable and veterans have timely access to care. All other discussions only undermine a critically important process.

“We urge Congress to take immediate action to regain their focus on ensuring the VA Secretary exercises their authority to hold management and staff accountable for their inappropriate behavior, and immediately stop the corruption and mismanagement within the VA. Before asking for more money, the VA must start making good on the nation’s promise to its honored veterans.”

Dan Dellinger
National Commander
the American Legion

Stewart Hickey
Executive Director

Pete Hegseth
Chief Executive Officer
Concerned Veterans for America

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4 thoughts on “American Legion, AMVETS and CVA Joint Statement on VA Spending Request

  1. First of all no non military should ever be employed by the VA. Medical and home loan. Second, no amount of money should ever be dangled in any VA employee face to do their job. Third, no non combat employee should help a combat vet. Combat veterans should be elevated as first in line and stay first through the whole process. A VA hospital should have a special combat vet program that has total priority. VA misfits need to be punished from VSO’s all the way to the top.

  2. While I completely appreciate your sentiments Rob and agree that Combat Veteran’s should be given the highest regard of all: We must do what is best for all of America’s forces both combatant and combat support. We are all in this together and could not
    co-exist my brother. And if we need to bring in “outsiders let us create a combat expert team” that fully understands the many types of wounds with exemplary care for our combat Veterans who have suffered the most in the physical, mental, and often the
    spiritual through long term CRS in a volatile and often hostile environment. Peace
    my brother may God bind up your bandages and heal your wounds.

  3. Being a Combat Veteran or not generally wasn’t a choice, at least not for women/or pre-Bush era veterans. You took the assignment they gave you, and shut-up!! If you had a choice, you were in a different military then I was!!
    If you want ot put a ‘qualifier’ on who deserves ‘more’ care or better service; how about those that were medically discharged?? Not who made a claim after they were out?? I went in, in A1 Condition, and came out 3 yrs. 11 months later in 4F, according to a medical board at Walter Reed, with no chance of ever getting in again.

    I didn’t fight that hard just for me, I believe all 100% Disabled Vets. should have TriCare as an Option to use as well as the VA Healthcare they earned, All other Vets should have the Option of Buying into FEHI; since were locked-out of the Affordable Healthcare Act. (to qualify for it, you have to ‘Give-Up’ in writting your VA medical coverage, and you can’t qualify for any subsidy, and will have to Re-Qualify if you ever want back into the VA)

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