AMVETS in Action

American Veterans Anti-Discrimination Initiative

1. The anti-discrimination act:

  • WILL raise awareness among employers who are already required to complete monthly EEOC reports;
  • WILL give veterans experiencing employer/housing discrimination legal recourse to pursue their claim;
  • WILL help level the playing field and acknowledge a veterans service by giving them employment preference between two or more fully qualified candidates.

2. The anti-discrimination act:

  • WILL NOT create employment quotas (quotas are not legal in the United States);
  • WILL NOT ‘give’ jobs or promotions to unqualified veterans;
  • WILL NOT provide any form of monetary stipend (this is not a ‘welfare’ program);
  • WILL NOT pit vets against anyone currently protected under the law.

Veterans not wanting or needing to participate do not need to self-identify or if they experience employment/housing discrimination (especially our National guard and reserve members) they would not be legally required to file a claim against any employer;

While there are numerous veteran employment assistace programs currently on the books, many of them do ‘not have any teeth’ or only benefit narrow or specific groups of veterans. The American Veteran Anti-Discrimination initiative would provide comprehensive assistance to veterans of all eras; and

This initiative SHOULD NOT be viewed any differently than you view your G.I. Bill/or health care benefits. Your G.I. Bill and health care benefits are available to you if you chose to utilize them, but you are never compelled to take advantage of either benefit. And for those who claim they don’t want to take anything from the goverment or have the government involve in their personal life, where do you think the money for your G.I. Bill and health care benefits come from?

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