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AMVETS Deeply Concerned by President’s Proposed Cuts to Veteran Benefits


Contact: John Hoellwarth
National Communications Director
AMVETS (American Veterans)
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AMVETS Deeply Concerned by President’s Proposed Cuts to Veteran Benefits

AMVETS National Headquarters, May 24, 2017 – While AMVETS (American Veterans) is thankful for President Trump’s proposed 6 percent increase in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ fiscal year 2018 discretionary budget, AMVETS leadership is deeply concerned by the proposed cuts to earned benefits for perhaps the most vulnerable segment of the veterans population.

The Trump administration’s budget proposal contains a provision to cut Individual Unemployability (IU) benefits for seriously service connected disabled veterans aged 65 and older. This would steal a large percentage of a wounded, injured or ill veteran’s compensation.

The argument for this cut is that these senior citizens would be eligible for Social Security retirement benefits at age 65. That argument is flawed because these veterans have largely been disabled, out of the work force and not paying into Social Security for many years before reaching 65. Many have been severely disabled as a result of their military service and unable to work since the day of their discharge.

Such a misguided move would wrongly take away about $1,200 a month from a single veteran rated at 90 percent disabled and already determined to be unable to work because or his or her military service. The monetary loss rapidly increases for veterans with lower disability ratings. In all, this proposal threatens to strip benefits from more than 225,000 senior citizen veterans who’ve been seriously disabled as a result of their military service.

AMVETS strongly opposes this proposed cut and calls for its immediate withdrawal.

This cut, along with cuts to Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) for veterans, is being used to assure funding for a “choice” program that has yet to be adequately developed, let alone tested and proven.

AMVETS is the nation’s largest and oldest Congressionally-chartered veterans service organization that is open to and fights for all veterans who served honorably, including reservists & guardsmen. AMVETS has been a nonpartisan advocate for veterans and their families for more than 70 years.


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128 thoughts on “AMVETS Deeply Concerned by President’s Proposed Cuts to Veteran Benefits

    1. I’m really disappointed in President Trump… Senior Disabled Veterans VA compensation cut by thousands of dollars a month… his promise to watch out and help all the veterans is falling way short of the truth in his 2018 budget proposal… Congress must not let this happen !!!

      1. This is insane. To imagine something like this being approved is pure lunacy. No sacrifice from the people who propose these cuts. Veterans will have to rise up and do what needs to be DONE!

      2. Leave the vets alone they made their sacrifice and service to our country. They are old now, have bills that include their va benefits. It would put them in a world of hurt.

        Disappointed veteran wife. Patricia Sterlin.

    2. Maybe a class A law suit will shut it down but this is another treason comitted by the government against veterans.
      Maybe D.C rats should stop the wars and save trillions per year that way… F scum.
      Slash the foreign aid to Israel and other countries who repeatedly prove their disloyalty, slash welfare from the illegal immigrants being shipped in daily…

    3. Big disappointment for you to even say a vet with UI is double dipping we paid for our SS benefits and we paid for our VA benefits with a blank check we wrote to you for our life. Leave the Vets alone. You are breaking your promise to take care of the vets and you love them. Don’t love me that much and take our UI benefit away.

  1. I strongly agree with AMVETS that the over 65 Senior Veterans should not see any benefit cuts. If anything I feel they should receive additional benefits, funds from other non-functioning and dismantled programs.

    1. I agree with you and my fellow veterans completely. Everyday I start if I did the right thing by voting for him. Like the 60’s English Rock band said, “we took the wrong step years ago…”

      1. Your hate made you vote for this nut now all you racist p***k will pay for your ignorance.

        1. ??Not all veterans voted for him. His platform never stipulated this would be part of his budget cuts. As a disabled veteran facing this possible crises, I’am looking at being homeless if this bill gets past. I believe all rated veterans should be very worried if our congress votes this bill into law. As a life member of Amvets I pray that our service officers will pound the halls of congress to stop this legislation.

        2. You are clueless you g idiot.. National pride has nothing to do with hate. Seems only person hating here is your dumb a**.

      2. I too am a Vet. I did not vote for him but hoped he would keep his word on taking care of Vets. I feel used. His campaign promise were just words. I am nearly 61 And this budget cut will deeply hurt me financially and emotionally. I have contacted my US Reps by letter and phone. Keep bombarding them until they face up to this proposed homicide against elderly Vets

    2. I agree budget is an atrocity for disabled IU vets. Write your congressmen and contact chair of veteran affairs committee in house and senate as well as President Trump. This is the only thing that will get their attention- our voice and our votes.

      1. There’s only 225,000 of us..that’s not gonna garner too much attention..and that’s not many votes..sad to say..they don’t take into account that if we had had the ability to work for the last 40 years we might all have nest eggs and 401k to fall back on…they don’t think of us as deserving…they think of us as a drag on them!!

        1. I agree if we were able to work we would have a good retirement to fall back up on and not need the was not our choice to be wounded by fighting for our country.but we did what every American would do.i cant believe this NUTS president is doing this.

    3. I guess that this administration has no problem with putting 100’s of thousands of vets into poverty, what do they care they have their’s so the hell with everyone else.

    4. I’ve said Trump is a MORON since the first him open his mouth. 1st. a disabled Vet. shouldn’t have to help pay for a disability he received fighting for this country. 2nd. a majority of Vets. have never held a job or if they have it’s been a part time or mediocre one because of their disability where SS is not enough to survive off of let alone live. I would be on the streets if I had to live off my SS. this goes to show how much research that MORON has done, or maybe doesn’t care. If he so concerned about the budget let him pay out of his own pocket for his golf trips and his wife and sons housing and security because they don’t want to live him. Understandable. He sends the S.S. and the FBI to harass a 12yr. old for a video and Kathy griffin making fun on him at the tax payers cost.

  2. I voted for Trump because I thought he had a good head on his shoulders. Not politically correct but a fair and honest business man. Unless he has sat down and talked with our Vets, walked in our shoes, made the sacrifices we have made, lived a moderate life at most. How could he even consider such a stupid move. These vet’s helped put him in office now he want to use what little money we get for our pain and sufferings for his budget. Does he realize that 1200 per month taken away from a 65 year old and older person would bankrupt not only me but hundreds of thousands more. We have health issues, prescriptions, mortgages, car payments and well on and on. We maybe old but not dead. Not a good idea Donald!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better go back to the drawing board on this one. I am 67 years old running a small family owned business not collecting a paycheck living on my social security and disability check. Take that away from me and you have one Pi##ed of Vietnam Veteran.

    1. Well said James. I have followed The Donald since the 80s, and always admired his business acumen & his business instincts. He has made a life out of making good business judgments based upon intuition.
      But this is a dumb move. The money saved is negligible, but it shoots a huge hole in the strong stand he has taken for veterans over the years. My guess is, this is a wrinkle in a detail that he is not really familiar with & some beancounter put this into the budget plan.
      If it gets raised to his acute awareness level, I don’t think he would want to make this cut. I may just write him a letter on this point. Otherwise I’m a supporter and am pleased with what he’s trying to do.

      1. VOTE FOR the National interests and WE will win. The IU will be converted to VA DISABILITY. But being too quick to be a dam-crybaby will not get you anywhere.
        WAKE UP and stop listening to fake news.

        1. It’s not fake news. These cuts ti the IU program are part of Trump’s budget. It means a substantial loss of income to arguable the most underappreciated group of Veterans. These Vietnam Veterans will lose up to $1500.00 per month. It’s indefensible for Trump to say that their Social Security benefits will carry them through, as those veterans had a life time of underemployment due to their service-connected disabilities. This isn’t whining, this is real harm to real people. Please, don’t make this into a foolish Republican versus Democrat issue. It’s far too important. If you are uninformed, read about it and make intelligent comments, don’t dismiss it as a bogus politic thing. That’s just ignorant.

        2. All The Business expertise you voted for in Trump was this ! Rob Peter,to pay Paul!That my friends is what your getting! How do you like his business instincts NOW!


          1. Had better vote those greedy republicans out. They have theirs and don’t care about Vets. Why don’t they cut their pay. There is nothing good about privatizing anything, especially the VA. Plus the guy running the VA hasn’t served a day in any armed service. What does he really know……..NOTHING!!!!

      2. Because neither of the other 2 idiots had our interests at hear either.
        They both agreed wewere to blame for the opioid epidemic & we receive too much. Screw the democrats,
        Republicans and thesocialist

    2. I too am a disabled Vietnam veteran with unemployability benefits. In my opinion this President doesn’t give a damn about veterans. If he did he wouldn’t try to take away this benefit from me and other veterans. If he tries this is a war I will fight gladly.

    3. You voted for Trump because you thought he had a good head on his shoulder (wow) you old racist fart. You are one dumba** and your hate will come back to hurt. So stop crying and deal with what you have caused. Sucker…..

      1. You talk a lot of s*** based on your idiotic, uneducated ipinions. Are all people you disagree racists….? Do you like your own race?
        Now go f*** your self pig.

    4. If you thought Trump had a “good head on his shoulder,” you are part of the problem. You voted to screw over the rest of the country, but only have a problem when your stuff gets messed with. You are selfish, and should be ashamed of selling out this nation for your own selfish, and ignorant reasons.

      1. None of them do. Vote for whoever and same policies are always pushed…. They are all Zionist g puppets.One day you ‘ll get it.

    5. After everything he said in the campaign, you thought he had a good head on his shoulders? Oh my god.

  3. What we supposed to fear the most nowadays, sirs.. death on streets and wallet empty from Trump’s team of non patriots? Or regular strips of Medicare or the grocery or even VA lending?
    Will we combat ignorance in American culture on exactly “what” laws ..stand or ARE?
    Ex: A Federally granted VA Benefit protected permanently by Federal Statute protections on a 100%DV, Viet Nam, as myself…is suddenly reversal/not Federally protected now permanently so stated? Instead reversed by his rancid “float-us-by team of Rats” there?
    Do I understand you saying a “thing”/budget now will be a 21st century Viet Nam debacle? Really? I must fund AGAIN now my elder life $$ and blood..both already contributed/ splayed youth of it?? Bullshit Gold Standard.

  4. Please send Mr Trump your Now entire pack of ” Tweets” here. Thanks,
    all his wives/mothers with arrogant children as with he.. deserve hear our fullest agenda they each are “benefiting” from, all life of swathed by our life American Gold too as voter patriot with truth or two

  5. A sell out to all disabled vets and a preview of what would come. If they can get away with this low and behold of what would come next. The vets were strong supporters of this administration and are being spit on with just the mention of such a proposal. All vets that have earned a disability rating have the right to have it continue unabated. They are turning proud men of combat into men of poverty for all they have done to keep this country free. My father and grandfather would be ashamed.

    1. And also to remember how long they made us Wait on the approval after most likely having been denied first time round. Just disgraceful!

    2. If you supported this administration then you are part of the problem. The writing was on the wall with this man from day one. Time to wake up and stop voting against your own best interests people.

      1. I see your name shows up on a lot of these responses. You may not have voted for your President but I assure you the previous President was not on your side. Have patience you will not lose any benefits that you so heartily earned and deserve.

  6. What happened to President Trump’s NOT cutting funds from the military. Although retired after 20 years of honorable service; I am still military and have disabilities that have and continue to prevent me from working to earn a living. My disability income is what keeps my utilities paid and food on my table. Maybe those working on all the budget cuts should try to live on the income of a retired disabled veterans income. Those of us who served so the Donald Trump’s in this work could have the cushy jobs they have and brag about not paying their taxes.

  7. Trump is acting more like Obama and Hillary what next make the Syrians refuges our next military force don’t laugh could happen we could tovote to impeach him if he keeps acting like a fool

    1. How so exactly? Obama never took benefits away from us, on the republicans do that but tell us how much they love us. Wake up!

    2. No way! Obama is way to smart to compare to this nut. You are just to racist to see that. Good for your dumbass

      1. Robert and John I see your name shows up on a lot of these responses. You may not have voted for your President but I assure you the previous President was not on your side. Have patience you will not lose any benefits that you so heartily earned and deserve. President Trump is the best thing that happened for your children and grand-children and for you. He has a monumental task ahead – remember he will drain the swamp. He will make America Great Again.

    3. Dale, you have no idea what you are talking about. Please stop participating in politics. Do not vote anymore, and do not even discuss politics. Your ignorance is ruining this nation. Republicans are in direct opposition to veterans and the nation.

  8. I do not agree with the cuts but we also have to blame the VA for not giving our unemployable vets 100% rating they deserve. We fight wars, get hurt physically or emotionally and still have to fight with VA for benefits. This has always been a problem, regardless of political party affiliation.

    Our military and veterans are heroes who deserve to be taken care of; Democrat and Republican.

    1. As a Life Member of various Veterans Service Organizations (VSO’s) I continue to read DAV and others “there are strengths in numbers why the various are not going to Congress in mass numbers i.e 10,000 members a day for 3 months to wake up the Congress. We need real strong Political Action Committee or Political Action Group where veterans pay at least $10.00 to lobby for our benefits and save Social Security Benefits as well as Medicare. More importantly, veterans benefits settling all claims and award veterans with 100% disability.

    2. I agree….the Unemployability rating is a kinda BS patch to grant 100% without actually granting 100%.
      Easy fix…rate the over 65 Unemployability folks at 100% as they should have been already. That solves that issue entirely.

      1. If that were to be done, I suppose it would need to be for the over 62 age IU vets since, in some reports, age 62 is what is being written as far as this would affect.

    3. When Veteran’s file a claim the VA will offer them IU, and then say you have 100 percent permanent and total with Chapter 35, and no future exams scheduled​. So Veteran’s stop to end years of fighting. Now they are saying that they want with a wave of a pen to brake thier promise again. I would have never stopped till I had 100 percent scheduled, and not IU, but was told by my Veteran’s Representative that was the deal, and that if I wait for 100 percent scheduled it will just be splitting​ hairs, and annoy the VA. So now they want to take thier deal away. I knew that I should have fought for 100 scheduled, but I also wanted to give other Veteran’s thier turn by finishing​ my claim.
      No good deed goes unpunished..

        1. Not what is being reported with the budget, but “give an inch…take a yard” with the slippery slope to what could for the future.

      1. Same here. Everyone concerned is going to have to stand up to them. Rallies and other tactics. TV spots. I am writing to all my elected officials.

      2. I fell for the same thing, at the time I believed it was the best thing to do instead of waiting years fighting the VA

  9. Welcome to TrumpWorld. Congratulations to all of you that drank the Kool Aid and voted for him. Now everyone may be punished for it.

  10. Trump should provide better benefit for the Veterans not cuts to their disability pay and Social Security. Just because he never served, he will never know what those of us who are disabled due to our Service have to fight for to get any benefits or help. The Cola adjustment should be increased not decreased, It did not amount to enough to cover increases in Medication costs last year. We Service connected Disabled Vets have given more than most people can imagine and have had to fight harder for any help than they will ever know. Wake up Mr. President and help the disabled and under cared for and have the rich pay more taxes rather than those of us who already scrape to get by having to pay more so you can keep more. Your Philosophy is backwards.

  11. What is the AMVETS game plan to fight this proposal? what is the number and official name of the proposal’?
    What do we say to our representatives to vote against such a proposal?

    Tom Hansen, USNMCB RVN 67-68 Hue/Phu Bai TET

  12. What is AMVETS plan to help safe Unemployibility IU. I have been waiting four now appealing my Unemployibility IU. If it is dropped it will be devastating for me and other veterans.

  13. I’m shocked!!!!!!! I shouldn’t be because I’ve learned a long time ago not to put trust or faith in anything a man says. But, I thought President Trump would live by his word and take care of the vets that have already lost so much. My brothers and sisters that fought in Vietnam are the only ones I trust. I know without a doubt they will stand with me in fighting for our rights. Obama and Hillary have stole billions from the government. There has been so much corruption from them and others. Today, when I woke up, I wandered if this was going to be my last day. The Vietnam Vets know what I’m talking about. But, the crazy thing is, I would do it again because I love this country. The red, white and blue means something to me

  14. I’m shocked!!!!!!! I shouldn’t be because I’ve learned a long time ago not to put trust or faith in anything a man says. But, I thought President Trump would live by his word and take care of the vets that have already lost so much. My brothers and sisters that fought in Vietnam are the only ones I trust. I know without a doubt they will stand with me in fighting for our rights. Obama and Hillary have stolen billions from the government. There has been so much corruption from them and others. Today, when I woke up, I wandered if this was going to be my last day. The Vietnam Vets know what I’m talking about. But, the crazy thing is, I would do it again because I love this country. The red, white and blue means something to me

  15. Did you know that you can apply for social security disability at the same time you apply for veteran disability benefits?
    I am against this cut. There are many veterans that will not qualify for social security disability as the rules are different than VA Disability. But everyone should know the full story.

  16. So… what would happen to all the VA benefits for IU vets who are P&T? Would their families have their ChampVA eligibility retracted? Would they lose nursing home eligibility? Would their dependents lose education benefits? Very, very bad plan. But those vets who supported Trump should be willing to live with such draconian changes… right?

    1. I don’t think anyone “should be willing to live with such draconian changes” whether they supported Trump or not, imo. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of info. re: this proposal, except, the reduction in income to those that would fall under the new rules if it were to pass. However, who knows how everything else that comes with the IU P&T may be affected? To me, this entire idea for changes in IU for some seems like throwing poop towards the wall and hope it sticks.

  17. I don’t understand how they can reduce IU because it is protect by a grandfather law?

    Protected Evaluations Under 38 CFR 3.951 and 38 CFR 3.952, Continued

    g. Protection Against Rating Schedule Changes
    Public Law (PL) 102-86 states that a rating evaluation cannot be reduced solely because of a change to the rating schedule subsequent to August 13, 1991.

    However, 38 CFR 3.952 protects rating evaluations under the 1925 rating schedule which were the basis of compensation on April 1, 1946.

    Note: Evaluations in effect when previous changes to the 1945 rating schedule occurred are not protected by PL 102-86.

    Reference: For more information on the preservation of disability evaluations after rating schedule changes, see
    38 CFR 3.951(a), and
    38 U.S.C. 1155.

    h. Reviewing Evaluations After a Rating Schedule Change
    When reviewing a disability evaluation after a change in the rating schedule, determine whether the current evaluation would be continued or decreased under the prior schedule.

    Note: The disability evaluation cannot be reduced unless you can show the Veteran’s condition improved enough to have warranted reduction under the prior schedule.

  18. This is not right on sooo many levels. Often this is the only income these veterans have to support themselves. Additionally age 65 really? Young veterans (born after 1954) will be older than 65 before they can collect social security. And who pray tell is Trump going to make “cut off” IU? Oh I know…let’s make VA do it, so again VA will look bad to the public. Yet the rules and regs inform us to not judge based on age Trump’s proposal would be telling us to do just that, and none of us….NONE of us want to be in that position.

  19. I suggest the cuts on the space program and the wall….instead of cutting veterans benefits and programs that help people.
    As a VietNam Era female Vet…..I’m very disappointed the in current president and his staff.
    NO….I did not vote for him!

    1. The space program does help people. Have you ever heard of GPS? Stop commenting on the internet, and do some basic research. Your ignorance is ruining the country.

    1. Just to let everyone know, this idea regarding cutting benefits was not Donald Trumps administration’s idea. This disastrous cutting was suggested by the CBO (Congressional Budget Office), approximately last July. When I first read about it, I was hoping the idea would just fade away. Unfortunately, it has not. I’m not even sure Trump knows this is in the budget. Maybe, maybe not. If it passes as written, I and tens of thousands of other veteran’s will be on the street.

      1. Paul, you are wrong. This cut is in Trump’s budget proposal. The CBO had nothing to do with it. This is 100% Trump’s idea. If you are ignorant of the facts, look them up, but don’t spread fake news.

        1. Robert and John I see your name shows up on a lot of these responses. You are a Trump Hater. You may not have voted for your President but I assure you the previous President was not on your side. Have patience you will not lose any benefits that you so heartily earned and deserve. President Trump is the best thing that happened for your children and grand-children and for you. He has a monumental task ahead – remember he will drain the swamp. He will make America Great Again. As I post this response Trump has already made a big announcement on the VA medical records. Stay informed and be more positive about this President.

  20. I do not agree with the cuts to our veteran – they give their lives for this country and we should stand behind them 100%.

    Whether you are Dem or Rep – get real and take care of our veterans – I know some of you have served and how would you like it if your benefits were cut – but it doesn’t matter to you because you have tons of money for the rest of your life – ridiculous!!!

  21. I am one of those 100% disabled vets from Vietnam. When I became of age to apply for social security I went to my local Social Security Office. When the representative discovered that I was 100% disable and unemployable he encouraged me to apply for SSDI. I refused because I considered that double dipping. I told him that the VA is already compensating me the injuries you are trying to get me to apply for. He almost insisted that I apply for the SSDI, finally I asked him “Is it the law that I must apply for the additional benefits?” When he told me it was not the law, then I said, then just sign me up for regular Social Security benefits that I have paid into my entire working life. What Trump does not understand, these are two separate benefits. One you paid into during your working life, the other you earned by your sacrifice to our country.

  22. I have 160% of individual ratings for my disabilities which adds up to 90% disability by the VA’s math standards. I have been IU since 2005. I worked with that group of disabilities until I couldn’t work anymore. I paid into Social Security all my life. I am now 68 years old collecting both benefits along with my USN retirement. My disabilities are such that I more then likely will not die from them because they are crippling in nature. I have now been IU/P&T for well over 10 years and my wife is now eligible for DIC upon my death. Now Trump wants to take away my IU comp, and is telling my wife and others like her they are no longer eligible for DIC. What about those retired veterans who waived their rights to SBP upon retirement from service because they were going to receive compensation that would qualify them for IU based on a BDD VA ruling before discharge. The AMVETS Legislative Director has his hands full on capitol hill. Let’s hope he and others like him does their job wel.
    As for you Mr. President it will be four and out if you keep this up. Everyone who supported your campaign says that you were surrounded by smart people in your administration to help you make difficult decisions. Now let’s see how smart they really are!

    1. Smart people damn! How much of that kool aid did you drink. Sucker stop crying now that your so called smart people are not so smart after all just a bunch of racist fools

  23. I am a VSO in Pennsylvania working for my fellow brothers and sisters of all eras. The idea that President Trump would consider such move is unthinkable. I am tired of BS of how much the military and veterans are appreciated at election time and its over until next election time. Enough is enough the government just uses the the true patriots of this country for its own benefit. When the true back bone ( the men and women who love this last land of freedom) of this once great nation answers the call, and when they need help; the government makes very difficult to get benefits. Wrong! The government should tell the veterans of all the benefits they are entitled to and not have to fight over and over to receive what they earned. I am a Vietnam combat decorated for valor and wounded twice veteran. So I speak from first hand knowledge of my own treatment from the government. My duty is to make sure all veterans get exactly what they earned through their service.

  24. It is time to mobilize, stop gripping, contact your Congrescan and Senator
    put the pressure on them to stop this
    idiotic proprosal. By a concerted efforts, even the Donald can be put
    back on track. Call , email , write the
    President, do it today.

    1. It doesn’t work anymore. Been there, tried that when Obama started genocide against chronic pain patients (Veterans and civilians.)

  25. Trump got out of the draft because of spurs on his feet-but he had no trouble with down hill ski hills or golf coarse-when are people going to realize the republican party works for the rich and takes away from the rest of us? President Obama gave vets back all the things that G. Bush took away-there are only 2 presidents that have taken care away from vets-both republicans.

  26. this is just the next f*****g we get for the first f*****g we got 55 yrs ago we stand alone….again!! let’s keep fighting i’ve still have my weapons oohrah!!!

  27. I really hope this is will not happen. It would ruin what little bit I have life left, I do not have much, but I worked hard for what little I do have . 32+ yrs active and reserve.

  28. I think this will cause a lot of bankruptcies and very severe hardships. I pray the President
    will have this really explained to him the effects this will have. He is very busy and sometimes
    I think when they sign some bills the don’t truly see the end result. PLEASE MR PRESIDENT DO

  29. We support Pres Trump but when we saw the new budget request to take away income while my husband is on disability, is beyond belief. The statement I saw was that after you reach retirement age and receive ss benefits, you will lose your va disability benefits because that is a DUPLICATION OF BENEFITS. What genius decided that the benefits are a duplicate which is another way of saying that they are the same. My husband earned his SS (although small due to him not being able to work) from working but he also earned his disability from serving. They are not the same benefit. His serving cost him more than the va disability could ever pay but it still keeps us out of the poor house and now they want to take that away. This should be the Veterans groups number one priority at least at this time. I have told this to other disabled vets and they just looked at me and said no way that could be true and no way Pres Trump would put something like that through. We know that the VFW will fight for the vets as they always do, but the problem here is just not many disabled vets know about this yet. My husband is 68 now and has severe service connected mental and physical problems. He cannot work now and could not work for alot of his life because of his disability. We depend on that money because since most of his adult life he could not work and build up a pension so he has no pension except SS and Va disability. This just cannot be how the US Government is going to treat disabled vets.

  30. We need to boycott the VA for 1 day – nobody goes unless one has an exam – let them explain that on CNN

  31. I strongly disagree with the budget cuts. It is ironic that on Memorial Day they are throwing disabled Vietnam veterans under the bus by eliminating IU for those over 65! These are people who gave their all, where damaged by the war and are being cast out from society [once again]. The societal effects are going to be an increase in suicide, crime, homelessness and diminished quality of life.

    The current administration’s proposed budget would slash the earnings of the most vulnerable veterans by eliminating their disability payments. If they want to “fix” the VA by adding more fancy hospitals and expensive art find another way. Don’t do it on the backs of disabled veterans. Contact your senator and congressman and make it known that you disapprove and tell them to vote No! on this budget proposal.

    George Alexander
    USMC RVN 3rd Force Recon 1967/68

  32. I don’t have much of a life now…so it really doesn’t matter what they do.

  33. How can you take benefits from vets that are disabled and have been dependent on their disability income to support them and their families. This is disgusting and it should be fought.

  34. We supported Trump so I have to admit this is a blow – I thought he was better

    1. Maybe you should have paid attention, and done some basic research before you voted.

  35. I have heard of cruel and unreasonable, but talking 1500 dollars to two thousand from a poor already disabled is inhuman , This veteran has lost almost everything , between fighting in service and then with the VA and now they want to throw us off and out of our houses , most these vets , about roughly 300 thousand or so have VA loans to pay , you will see thousands of vets losing their homes and on. The street, its time we stand up and let TRUMP now we are not talking this BS any more, this talking of vets benefits hasn’t happened since the great recession, Iam be side my self !!

  36. I support you veterans 100% and I’m very disappointed in this administration, yet, not surprised. I feel sorry for those who trusted and still trust a man who gained wealth by dishonesty (Trump University and all the bad deals he filed bankruptcy for), disrespect (discrimination), and dismissing responsibility (not paying taxes). I would like to take the time to say “Thank You” for your sacrifices and I will write my representatives and voice my concerns and disappointment. This is truly not a Democrat or Republican problem but a United States of America problem. May God Keep You and Bless You All! My heart hurts for you.

  37. President Donald Trumps plan to take away combat veterans EARNED Compensation benefits that in most cases took 45 years to receive do to VA incompetence of losing war records of soldiers and denying benefits
    to veterans over many years till their benefits , finally in late age became LAW , tied into the AGENT ORANGE
    fiasco…..Taking compensation away from elder combat hero warriors , is an insult to the founding fathers of the constitution and President Abraham Lincoln,who wrote that we should take care of those veterans who fought wars and their wives and children….WHY would any one want to go to war under president Trump and get praised for service ,, only to have their earned combat injury compensation benefits taken away later ! Why does President Trump say he will take care and loves our vets , and then work to destroy their lives later !

  38. Once again just another lying politician who claims to support the veterans and then stabs them in the back, keep all your speeches and your going to veterans cemetery’s claiming that America owes it’s thanks to these brave men and women who gave all for their country, I’ve had it with all you bastards.

    1. This legislation would be the single most devastating action towards veterans ever. I know of many who would lose their homes and belongings. IU was based on ability to work, so these vets didn’t have a chance to build up a 401k or any other work based retirement due to their service-connected conditions. When rated most of these were considered “total & permanent”. Seems like yet another lie to the veterans from those in congress, most of whom have never served!

  39. Is anyone aware of any pre-formatted letters veterans can use to send to their representatives? If so, where can we find them?

    1. The Legislative Action Center under the “Your Voice in DC” tab has the letters you can send to your representative. Click the following link, click the “check zip code” box, then enter your information. The letter should come up with your members of congress.

  40. Only multimillionaires like Trump can afford a lower rate or pay cut r when unemployed , so why does he not approve? Social Security has completely different provisions when compared to VA retirement and/or other comp/ pension rules/regulations administered by VA. When a President is born with a silver spoon in his mouth he has NO regard for the masses and military personnel who truly have worked for a livelihood. Mr. Trump should excuse himself from giving his own opinions detrimental to the Military Services!

  41. 66 years old was granted iu almost 20 years ago T&P . Didn’t pay into SS for 16 years under old civil service retirement post office. Have quarters in before. Now this it will put me and others into financial ruin. Why us the disable veterans we suffered to much in war and after. What a disgrace to try and do this so late in life.

  42. Trumps ran on the platform of building the military and taking care of the vets, and not touching Social Security (But now they claim SSD is not part of SS and they will be going after that also). Now we learn his name is on the proposed 100% tdiu cut. This is a disgrace to rip the rug out from under disabled vets, clearly his proposal is a total about face of what he promise. Then we hear these are unemployment benefits in essence, so after retirement we want to take them back. These benefits are supposed to be for disabled vets who are service connected and unable to engage in gainful employment which impacts your social security potential any way you look at it. If it be not paying into social security or not reaching your full social security benefit by having to leave a good paying job due to disability. The budget indicates at 62 you will lose IU which will stop and social security will pay about 70% of that benefit if you have the credits for taking it early. Social Security is a totally separate entity you pay into while working and has absolutely nothing to do with a service connected condition. These veterans in my eyes are really getting shafted, I’m sure the majority are living on their expected monthly benefit and you will see some terrible results to these families if this ever passes, believe me!

  43. Where is our 800 number we were promised with Trump at times answering the phone. The only thing that is fake is his promises. The vets who served our county should be honored.

  44. You, my fellow veterans need to grow up and start acting like men. You are no longer in the military where you cannot take a stand for what is wrong. For far too long politicians have taken our vote for granted and then screwed us. We need to inform EVERY veteran of Trumps proposed action and we also need to see where our state reps (senators/congressmen/women) stand in regards to this proposal. All service organizations should band together DAV, Wounded Warriors, Women Vets, American Legion, Marine Corps League, etc should be up- in-arms about this decision. It is not just 225,000 being affected, but those who will follow us.

  45. I will not trust Trump anymore. I voted for him but will not again if this goes through! TRUMP YOU SAID YOU WOULD TAKE CARE OF VETS! YOU LIED!

  46. What a mess of bs! I am a vietnam that has suffered from depression since getting out of the army with an honorable discharge in 1970. I was diagnosed by the va in 2009 with leukemia which was caused hy agent orange, according va doctors. I have been trying for last 9 years to get my compensation increased thru the IU process since I could no longer work and support my family. It is in the final stages in washington to be decided. Now they are going to do away with this IU benefit. Those cheap son of b*****s! The ironic thing is that I am from Indiana and relation to the VP. Fred Pence

    1. You have been listening to CNN too much.
      Some of you may not have voted for your President but I assure you the previous President was not on your side. Have patience you will not lose any benefits that you so heartily earned and deserve. President Trump is the best thing that happened for your children and grand-children and for you. He has a monumental task ahead – remember he will drain the swamp. He will make America Great Again.

  47. i frankly can’t believe all the gullible veterans; especially the elderly that voted for this buffoon who was so obviously anti veteran despite his empty promises.Did anyone take note that he likes veterans that didn’t get caught or his trashing of a gold star family and the list goes on and on. Sometimes we ignore the obvious when its right before our eyes. Yes,i along with many of you will lose this compensation if this bill goes through and just maybe through all the financial hardships many of us will incur some of us can take the meager solice that we saw through this mans empty promises while so many followed the pied piper. The carnage is far from over my friends and i sincerely hope some have learned something from this before we lose our “free” country!

  48. I voted for Donald Trump because I thought he was going to help the disabled veterans and our active military to make it strong again. Well I can see now that maybe I was wrong, I hope not .

  49. I voted for President Trump and I knew it would not be an easy job to drain the swamp. It will happen.
    The budget will be increased to include the VA benefits and all of the VA disability benefits including Social Security. Today he announced the new VA medical records would be using the same system as the Dept of Defense is using —no more excuses for not having the records. This will speed up the VA processes to help the Veterans with their claims. I’m in with you – I’ve been trying to find my records apparently they were burned in a fire some years ago.

  50. I voted for Trump and I still have confidence in him and his policies but my biggest complaint is; “Where is the Chairman of the Armed Forces Committee”. He is not supporting or standing up for the Veterans in any way shape or form, he’s just sitting there in the Arizona Sun drawing his MEGA bucks and running his mouth but not any action. One additional question; “Who is standing up for the Veterans today ?”. We have a 19 trillion dollar debt and the repayment is being put on the backs of the veterans with no one to stand for us. The entire Democratic Party is against us and they are only looking out for themselves and trying to Im-Peach Trump.

  51. This to pay for Choice! We all have to pay medicare so instead of Choice let us use the Medicare we are required to have and VA could pay what Medicare doesn’t.

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