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AMVETS Partners with The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration


Contact: Miles Migliara
National Publications Editor
AMVETS (American Veterans)
(301) 459-9600

AMVETS Partners with The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration

AMVETS National Headquarters, March 28,2017 – AMVETS (American Veterans) is proud to announce our partnership with the Vietnam War Commemoration to recognize and respect the members of our Armed Forces who served during the Vietnam war.

“Unfortunately, our military did not receive a warm welcome when they came back to the states from Vietnam. In fact, they faced hostility and conflict when it came to employment and the pursuit of The American Dream,” said AMVETS National Commander Harold Chapman. “A partnership with the Commemoration signifies a change in how perceive that era in history, and hopefully sets a precedent for how servicemen and women experience homecoming in the future.”

Being the most inclusive veteran service organization, AMVETS seeks to further support a generation of our military that was extended very little gratitude upon their arrival home. Through this collaboration, we seek to provide those veterans with the honor and appreciation earned through their undying service to their country.

If you wish to interview Commander Chapman or any AMVETS representative, please contact us through

AMVETS is the nation’s largest and oldest Congressionally-chartered veterans service organization that is open to and fights for all veterans who served honorably, including reservists & guardsmen. AMVETS has been a nonpartisan advocate for veterans and their families for more than 70 years.


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