AMVETS in Action

AMVETS PNC Marks One Year of 22-Pushup Challenge

AMVETS National Headquarters, March 1, 2017 – Past AMVETS National Commander James Pidgeon today marked his 365th consecutive day of participation in the 22-pushups every day challenge to raise awareness for the alarming nationwide rate of veterans’ suicide.

Department of Veterans Affairs statistics have shown that an average of 22 veterans commit suicide nationwide every day. Pidgeon marked his one-year anniversary in support of the effort to reduce veterans’ suicide by doing 22 pushups at the VA hospital in Fresno, California.

Pidgeon served as AMVETS national commander from 2015-2016, and made it the focus of his tenure in office to raising awareness for the problem of veterans’ suicide and to commit AMVETS to reducing the alarming rate at which these tragic deaths occur.

AMVETS is the largest and oldest Congressionally chartered veterans service organization open to and fighting for all veterans who have honorably served in the United States armed forces, including the Reserve and National Guard.


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