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AV Podcast – Sean Doolittle

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  1. It is my thoughts that if a veteran from 1963-1973 and been on IU for 10 years or more they should be upgraded to Permanent and Total. Obviously if IU that long you can pretty much surmise that the veterans disability is not going to improve and allow him/her to be able to hold a job due to their disablity.

    I have been IU now for 20 years and have gotten worse rather than better but still have this reduction hanging over my head and have the stress come over me every so often. Since I have had this for 20 years would it not be obvious that I would not be able to go back to work? After 20 years and now that I am 73 there is no way I could even think about going back into the work force. My life now lives off the 100% disability based on IU and has been for the 20 years I have received this benefit.

    Sure I could apply for 100% Total and Permanent but in doing that I have been advised to not approach this as the board on veterans ratings could lower me back to my original 60% before my 100% based on Individual Unemployability. I was forced to leave my job in 1996 due to my disability and was advised to ask for an upgrade based on the fact I was unable to work any longer.

    I hate toast it but I would feel helpless if this IU was to be taken away. My wife and I would be forced to lose our home and would become homeless at the age of 73. If this were to happen I am afraid I would have to do something to end my life. I could no longer face my wife or family because I could no longer support her/them. My life would end!

    1. I hope this is settled forever. How could you increase a va budget and take iu away. We would have lost it all. The nerve of even proposing that cut back. This is very scary.

  2. Lets hope it’s gone forever but I doubt it. It’s been brought up in the past and will likely be proposed again. Disabled vets on IU for 20 years should be protected with a 100% rating. The VA deemed us unable to work at “gainful employment “. Why now when we’re in our 60’s should our quality of life be diminished by the VA? Many of us WILL border on poverty even with our minimum SS benefit.

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