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FBI to Investigate Phoenix VA

June 12, 2014

Lanham, Md. – Officials announced today the Federal Bureau of Investigation is beginning to review records at the Phoenix VA for potential criminal wrongdoing.

Phoenix was the first location whistleblowers exposed manipulation of appointment schedules and claims veterans had died while waiting for care. The VA scandal includes more than 40 hospitals and at least 120,000 veterans experiencing improper delays. The VA Inspector General’s audit proceeds in 69 different medical facilities. In its preliminary report of its audit last week, the VA stated 13 percent of VA schedulers said they were told to falsify appointment-request dates to give the impression that wait times were shorter than they really were in order to receive performance bonuses.

“AMVETS fully supports the criminal prosecution of all who are found to have dishonored the Department of Veterans Affairs by believing they were not actually accountable to the veterans they were there to serve, and the American people,” said Stewart Hickey, AMVETS National Executive Director. “We are pleased the administration is moving in this direction and anticipate it will run its full course.”

“VA easily gets distracted by ‘shiny objects’ and is notoriously slow to act. It is imperative the administration is not diverted by this investigation and continues its focus to further adopt viable solutions that truly fix the VA’s deep-seated systemic problems. Keeping the quality care of veterans within the VA system is the top priority. AMVETS provided recommendations to the VA to bring much needed solutions to the table. Our nation’s veterans deserve access to a health-care system that puts their needs first,” added Hickey.

FBI Director James Comey would not say whether their investigation would be expanded beyond the initial allegations at the Phoenix medical facility, but said the FBI was “working with the VA IG and will follow this wherever the facts take us.”

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2 thoughts on “FBI to Investigate Phoenix VA

  1. I was discharged in 1962 and have never had the need of the VA system. The current VA manipulation of records, seemingly to obtain bonuses, is the worst kind of slap to all Veterans. Our current Military men and women need to believe they will have very good medical care post service. What is going on with the VA needs to bring back that kind of certainty.

  2. I was told to get in touch with a local representative of your organization in regards to a claim that was started in1986. My husband deceased now a Vietnam Veteran, and who had reinlisted believed he had agent orange related physical and other impairments. I opened a claim in 1986 an apportionment claim for myself and our son who was a helpless child. This claim was neglected for 20 years. Our son died at in 2006 mt husband died in 1991 at the age of 42 I had been going back and forth to my. Local Va office begging for help for my son the paperwork they did was so unprofessional they didn’t care a hoot. If someone from your office could contact me it would be greatly appreciated. Especially since all the FBI investigations. I never believed that the staff did anything of any consequence to help my husband son or myself. I could not get any records from the va medical fory husband to insure he was getting the right medical care either please help me if you can my son left two children behind.

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