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Message from the Commander

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We here at American Veterans National Headquarters in Lanham, Md., are shocked, outraged, and ultimately disappointed to be targeted by vandals, who’ve caused thousands of dollars in property damage to our employees in an apparent retaliation against our participation in the president’s inaugural parade.

Ever since AMVETS participated in the parade to raise awareness for veterans issues, members of our staff have been targeted with hateful and menacing e-mails, telephone calls and social media comments all expressing anger over the misperception that AMVETS’s presence in the parade was a partisan act. This off-putting vitriol toward our organization and its people were capped off this week by the repeated and deliberate distribution of hundreds of screws and nails in our parking lot, vandalism that has done damage to 10 employee vehicles and an AMVETS truck used to support veterans job centers nationwide.

Although these acts of vandalism against veterans were clearly motivated by a misguided sense of political dissatisfaction, AMVETS certainly understands that crimes targeted at veterans do not typify the values or beliefs of any political party in particular. I’d like everyone to note that AMVETS requested to participate in the parade a month before the election even took place. As a completely non-partisan organization, you can expect AMVETS to continue representing and advocating for the interests of veterans and their families to the best of our abilities, regardless of who is elected president or how many screws or nails we find in our tires.


Harold Chapman
AMVETS National Commander

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6 thoughts on “Message from the Commander

  1. Go get them Commander! Some
    People should learn how to grow up and become adults instead of being children all over again!

  2. AMVETS has been great to a lot of people. It is sad people would do this to the Veterans and to there families.

  3. It is said some people today have such a disrespect for others and their property . These acts of doing distruction have been acceptable for to long. If we see some one doing these kind of acts we need to call law enforcement. As an AMVET I was proud to see you represent our organization during this national event

  4. As Vets we fought for this Country out of respect and Love for it. It is truly time we get back on that track. Destroying someone’s property can never be tolerated. We all stand behind Amvets, and always will.

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