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Operation Warrior Cruise

An alternative recuperative service to our country’s Warriors VIA the ocean and sailing.

We are a 501C3 nonprofit organization that provides a service to our country’s Warriors at no cost to them. We are focused on the recuperation and community reintegration of Warriors who supported the United States in any conflict. Through the serenity and recreational qualities of the ocean in conjunction with other services provided, Warriors are able to heal in a safe, secure and soothing environment. Our staff and advisors are military veterans or have worked with service members for many years. We understand the hardships and stress from day to day life as a combat veteran. We are developing our lists of interested Warriors to take part in our cruises, so feel free to email us about yourself or someone you know who is interested in any aspect of OWC. We are also looking for donations and support in advertising, grant writing, web design/ social media, and overall sharing of our organization. Operation Warrior Cruise is striving to work in conjunction with other organizations that provide help to veterans to make sure the Warrior is given a well-rounded opportunity for assistance.

Together we can put an end to veteran suicide, forever.

Operation Warrior CruiseMember Information

Name: Travis Baughman
Branch: Army
Location: AMVETS Life Member, California

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