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Sons of AMVETS named “2016 Partner of the Year”

The 45-year-old national non-profit Help Heal Veterans (HV) whose mission is to provide therapeutic craft kits to every veteran who wants them, has named “Sons of AMVETS“, the 2016 Partner of the year. “The ‘Suns of AMVETS’ has been an incredible collaborator with HV this year. It is organizations like theirs who are dedicated to helping serve others that enable us to assist so many veterans across the country,” said CEO, Joe McClain.

The “Sons of AMVETS” distributed over 6000 craft kits to veterans during 2016 Fiscal Year, as well as, dedicating time to the project. “Combined we have attributed an estimated $500,000 worth of support to Heal Veterans,” said McClain. “Clearly they have been faithful to our organization, and we want to shine a very bright light on all that they have done. They not only have committed time, but they have financially supported HV with a $28,000 donation to back a literary study on Therapy and Arts and also subsidized our costs on mailing kits.”

About the craft kits: The craft kits help veterans both mentally and physically. It enhances the ability for veterans to take their minds off their injury and the past and creates an opportunity for them to live in the present. Feelings of accomplishment and a boost in self-esteem also augment veterans mentally. Physically the kits provide a substantial challenge that increases their mobility. Craft kits include projects like woodworking, leather, models, and a variety of needle crafts, among many others. Recently, HV has partnered with actress Kerry Cahill (The Walking Dead) creating a craft kit called “The Cahill Wristband.” The wristband is similar to what Cahill’s late father used to wear. A terrorist killed Cahill’s dad in the Ft. Hood terror attack in 2009.

Help Heal Veterans, a nonprofit organization founded during the Vietnam War, supplies free arts-and-crafts kits to injured servicemen and women and U.S. veterans. The kits often become a part of the patient’s treatment plan, providing a creative outlet for stress and boredom and a way to rebuild confidence and self-esteem. Help Heal Veterans has distributed more than 29 million kits since 1971 from hundreds of craft categories.


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