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This 21st Century digital miracle is the key to diversion from Mission Fatigue. Entertainment, for an hour or two, provided by a DVD is frequently the only diversion for weeks at a time.

Quality, safe entertainment is difficult at best for our U.S. Armed Forces serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even traditional activities such as baseball and softball games are at a high risk because of IEDs, snipers, mines, bombs and other terrorist activities. AMVETS Task Force DVD is an appeal to Patriotic Americans to donate their new and used DVDs which will then be shipped to our fighting men and women overseas.

Troops: Request Your DVDs here. Please provide your complete military mailing address, name, APO, etc.

Thanks for your dedication and sacrifice. On behalf of all American veterans and a grateful nation!

AMVETS Task Force DVD facts:

  • DVDs will be available at all bases in Iraq and Afghanistan for the entertainments of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.
  • Our goal is one million+ new and used DVDs donated by the American Public.
  • Most bases have a reinforced recreation room equipped with a Television and DVD player. Similar facilities exist on ships. Many Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines have portable DVD players.
  • The project is to ultimately have hundreds of titles in rotation at each base. This may be the only quality safe entertainment some will have on their tour of duty.
  • “Children Titles” donated will be distributed to Servicemen and Women’s families (Stateside) through the Family Readiness Group(s) of the National Guard.


Thank you to all who have donated your gently used DVDs; they will be used to provide entertainment for our service members abroad and Veterans currently in VA Medical Facilities. Due to your overwhelming kindness, we can no longer accept DVDs at this time.

Cash donations may also be made to handle the costs associated with collection boxes and mailing. $6.50 will mail a package of 35 DVDs to a Serviceman or Servicewoman. Over $60,000 to date has been spent in providing this much needed service. If you wish to make a donation to help defray the cost of postage, please send to: AMVETS Task Force DVD, 4647 Forbes Blvd., Lanham, MD 20706.

Letter from the front:


Thank you so much for sending so many DVDs and CDs. I put them in our Ready Room and they take up a whole shelf. I told everyone that they were from AMVETS and how you met Shannon. The entire squadron is thankful. We have already watched a bunch of movies that you have sent during our off time.

I really like what your organization does and I will definitely be looking for a post to donate DVDs and CDs to when I return home. Thank you for the generous gift and for making the effort to send the packages.

Pascual “TATU” Zamudio, Capt, USAF

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