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VA Secretary Confirmation Jump Starts VA Reform, says AMVETS

July 29, 2014

Lanham, MD – Today, AMVETS (American Veterans) National Executive Director Stewart Hickey released the following statement on the Senate confirmation of Robert McDonald as the Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary:

“We are seeing a promising new dynamic building within the VA that goes beyond the bandage fixes of the scandals and administrative shortfalls. Today’s 97-0 Senate confirmation of former Proctor & Gamble CEO Robert (Bob) McDonald as Veterans Affairs Secretary is a very encouraging sign of confidence in repairing public trust in the VA. It’s just the start of what it takes to fix the VA’s systemic problems, but it’s a vital jump-start to reforming the VA and instilling the serious culture change needed. There will be many shortfalls and gaps ahead for McDonald and the VA. We look forward to our continued role in providing the vitally needed expertise, insight and guidance sought of AMVETS and other Veteran Service Organizations, as well as private sector healthcare. We are steadfast in our resolve and are confident McDonald will hold management and staff accountable for their inappropriate behavior, and make the tough but right business decisions to immediately stop the corruption and mismanagement within the VA. The VA must make good on the nation’s promise to its honored veterans.”

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4 thoughts on “VA Secretary Confirmation Jump Starts VA Reform, says AMVETS

  1. There is no honeymoon…start outsourcing now and clear Gulf War Illness claims from the backlogs now per Congressional legislation and all the training that has been provided for 4 years at a minimum…23 years of bureaucracy, political coverups, and lies while sick vets endure overwhelming sickness and economic disaster is long enough!

  2. The VA should employ only veterans. All civilians must serve one year as a volunteer before being eligible for employment. Only combat veterans should manage combat veterans.

  3. Decades ago there were few veterans who were qualified to work at this time for VAMC employment. ( in 1987 I was referred to a surgeon over 76 years old, are they kidding??? NO) With the number of veterans from Gulf War and later, there are thousands to millions of veterans who can use their veteran service to utilize, to be hired by the VAMC employees..

    I wonder about the employees who fixed the records was a veteran??? I doubt that they were the military, who care about their equals in our VAMC program..

    Get rid of all the people who falsified military and federal records, do not qualify them for pensions and any bonuses is to be repaid immediately. They worked hard enough to file fraudelenty records to obtain these benefits (this theft). Which thief chose to reduce thew workload for emloyees (medical? A friend a buddy). Who decided which verteran did not really need the treatment? Who decided Not to trust a veteran who decided to make the call and present their problems to strangers almost begging for the coin toss to come up on thier heads.

    Being new to the system is a difficult call to make, being in need and getting no response. Being old to the system ,expecing months of waiting to go for a medical visit was normal. NOT ACCEPTABLE

    This was me. I was in th system for years and found myself without a PCP. for over a year. (2013), my Long time PCP retired ( major mis-diagnosis, yes my life concerning), replacement was an RN and a Doctor, both messed up on my diagnosis). They were gone within a few weeks of my visit,both from VAMC_ one resulted in my needed a procedure within 24 hours ta the VAMChospital as emergency rocedure. ( from VAMC) . I had a major doctor, and was third one within a year. The last one did not know, but saw me in the hall asking what time our appointment was, he was aurprised about the switch) . Thearea meanager of that rea called me to tell me, This was the final change. I saved the recording of that, done very herchly. saying he was too busy to continue my care. He did not beleive that. The staff in that area, did not know he was removed from my care, and they were surprised.

    I was known in the ED and found it a fiasco. Three trips this year s ended up me thinking they are trying to kill me. I finaly calmed down and complained to the departmen supervisor and managaer.s. This in 2014. One would t hink they are acting in to top condition, not abusing patients, lying, no beverage ( water) or food. Most of it expanded the all three, different but related medical issues..

    I was there many times in the prior years except for waiting hours for a room and some care to obrain respectable and respectable care.

    I ended up following my family medial guardian to discuss the problem and thought through changes and we discussed it with the medical director. It was discussed and our thoughts were discussed and matched our opinions. WE are not abusing the courtesy this provider extended, . I was enabled to get a PCP, when we t does not work in the elinics, who is there and able to work on my medial issues and I am thrilled. My first call for the PCP, I was told there would be a 6 week wait. I called that area’s manager ,who scheduled me within 2 days. Thierarea was not over scheduled, with waiting veterans, it was the national scheduler, and the reason for the delay was lied.

    I learned not to sit still, and take the abuse of treatment. We are there for our service , AN EARND BENEFIT,and we we have to be organized witih our specific complaints, documents and trying to recommend changes for YOU. Get to connect with the medial director of the hospital, and that person might, be lied to thinking some things are fine. Have some history and your eventsf ( I have over 3000 pages of my care) Take some time, print the records out, on line or request them prin ted or on disc mailed to you, no charge) and make notes on it, specificing mis information and mis treatment. Some things were okay so make a note to this as well.

    Good luck on YELLING for yourself and get it out, How else can they make a record for doing things RIGHT and fix them. We are not the service, anymore, or most of us, we are people who have a say. To fix someting broken, make logial recommendation. People do listem to logical and stabile conversations.

    PATtENTS ADVOCATES are there to help us. That has regressed. You can go see them to ask which directors or managers can help you. For specific complaints they will type the omments to the person in charge and send it to them. I have waited weeks to hear a response. get the name e/mails and phone extensions, to atlk or send noite with your comments, Not all of them. A face to tace helps both sides get used to the attitudes and issues. And what youare seeking? The Advocate will send the info you talk to them to share with the supervisors, you want to send your oun and set a date or daes you are in the building. E/Mails are helpful ( do not forget your last name letter and last 4), so they can do some researh of your records so he is not behing met blindsided. The ADVOCATE will check your records, you in front of them, and who knows what they will get from you and send for assistance? Numbers account in their offices .Volume not quality.

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