AMVETS in Action

Position Report (Pos Rep)

POS REP is a mobile, proximity-based social network made expressly for the military veteran community. POS REP, short for Position Report, connects veterans who served together but more importantly allows veterans to discover peers and resources in their communities.

POS REP will also serve as a universal mobile platform for the non-profit, government and private sector organizations that support veterans reintegration.

As a POS REP partner, AMVETS can provide verification of veteran status through membership records. Complete the following steps to verify your veteran status on the POS REP app:

  • Open the POS REP app to the main menu
  • Tap on the “SRB” button
  • Tap on the star badge and read through the instructions
  • Select “AMVETS”
  • Input your AMVETS membership number
  • Tap on the “Verify Status” button

The POS REP app is currently available for the iPhone with an Android version to be released in the near future. Click HERE to sign up for email notification when the Android version is released. Click HERE to learn more about the POS REP app and their mission.

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