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This free guide, courtesy of, provides tips and examples to help veterans write an effective resume.

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Résumé Dos and Don’ts

3 Things You Need To Know When You Write Your Resume

3 Tips for Writing A Resume That Will Get Hiring Managers Attention

5 Secrets for A Standout Resume

The Federal Resume Guide

How to get your Resume out of the black hole and be seen by recruiter

How to Write an Effective Resume

Job Scan – Analyze how well your resume / CV matches a job in two seconds. Please check out the website and see if it might be useful for you.

K-Bar List – This is a blog for veterans looking for work. Ken Barker said if any veterans wants to send him their resume, he can make tweaks on the resume and pass it along to the 500 companies he has in his network. The other thing that can be done is go to his blog and sign up to get announcements for job openings. His email is

The Military Benefits Podcast: The Veteran Resume – Podcast about the jump from military service to a civilian career, and how to construct a resume.

Power Verbs to use on your Resume – Courtesy of University of Northern Iowa. – A website that helps veterans translate their resume to civilian language.

Resume Tips for Teachers – Article from about how to write a resume geared toward a career in education.

Sample Resume for a Military to Civilian Transition

Ten Classic Resume Bloopers

The Seven Deadly Sins of Resume Writing

Tips for Writing a Federal Resume

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Resume Isn’t Getting You a Job

Top 10 Veteran Resume Mistakes

UMUC Resume Tutorial

Welcome Home Resumes – A non-profit organization – Helping veterans create their resumes. It is free for veterans. Once the veteran enters the information asked for, a person from the organization will contact the veteran to also help to translate the military skills to civilian. Check out the sample resumes they develop, its actually quite interesting. Before the veteran starts the process please make sure you have everything you need because once you start you must finish filling in the information, it does not let you save to come back later.
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What’s In and What’s Out for Resumes in 2014 – To make sure you’re keeping up with the trends and away from major résumé disasters, check out what’s in and what’s out in 2014.

Why Veterans and Civilian Employers Have So Much Trouble Communicating

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