AMVETS in Action

Warrior Transition Workshop This November in Cleveland

A collaboration with the Cleveland VA and scholarships provide by AMVETS

College Club of ClevelandOpen to all Veterans and Active Duty, Guard and Reserve

November 18-20, 2016

College Club of Cleveland
2348 Overlook Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

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Freedom and Honor is a leadership program to navigate the transition from your military experience to your new mission in the civilian world. This program was designed by those who made the journey before you. It is a hands-on interactive program. It’s HIGH value, no cost, hands-on training. It was co-designed by Veterans, for Veterans. Freedom and Honor’s Warrior Transition Workshop does not rely on “talk therapy”. This is a hands-on reintegration weekend that was created to help with post traumatic stress (PTS) and other reintegration obstacles. Camaraderie, team activities, individual exercises, video presentations, and more. Everything is designed to give you new situational awareness, help you turn “off” the combat readiness switch and give you tools to successfully transition. Combat stress and the hurdles of reintegration can challenge the very best; this event is to help you move forward with family, friends and career. The AMVETS Warrior Transition Workshop is FREE to Veterans, Active Duty, Guard and Reserve and it is a safe and confidential environment for those who choose to attend.

“I wanted to get on with my life so attended the program. Honestly, had serious doubts whether I would get anything and planned to walk if it was BS. As a fellow veteran and someone who has struggled to reconnect after multiple deployments – this programs allowed me to understand and gave me the tools I needed to move forward.”

– Army Gulf War, OIF, OEF

Disclaimer: Freedom and Honor is not allied with any sect, religion or political organization; neither endorses nor opposes any causes. This is a drug and alcohol free training; we do not diagnose, prescribe, medicate, treat, cure or heal any physical, mental, spiritual or emotional illness nor are we designed to replace such therapies. For anyone who attends our training in any capacity, we always recommend to seek appropriate medical or professional help. If you are part of an on going support group 12 step program or counseling we recommend that you continue with whatever group or individual involvement you are part of prior to this training. If you are under the care of a physician, we recommend you continue on their prescribed course of treatment.

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