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Weekly Recap (June 5-9)

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Some of the top stories circulating the veteran community.

2018 budget proposes cuts to veteran benefits. The Trump administration’s budget proposal contains a provision to cut Individual Unemployability (IU) benefits for seriously service connected disabled veterans aged 65 and older. This would steal a large percentage of a wounded, injured or ill veteran’s compensation.
The argument for this cut is that these senior citizens would be eligible for Social Security retirement benefits at age 65. That argument is flawed because these veterans have largely been disabled, out of the work force and not paying into Social Security for many years before reaching 65. Many have been severely disabled as a result of their military service and unable to work since the day of their discharge.
Such a misguided move would wrongly take away about $1,200 a month from a single veteran rated at 90 percent disabled and already determined to be unable to work because or his or her military service. The monetary loss rapidly increases for veterans with lower disability ratings. In all, this proposal threatens to strip benefits from more than 225,000 senior citizen veterans who’ve been seriously disabled as a result of their military service.
AMVETS strongly opposes this proposed cut and calls for its immediate withdrawal.
Voice your concerns through our pre-filled letter to Congress:

Veterans can register from early access to online exchange shopping. Honorably discharged vets can sign up at The exchange sites offer the same tax-free shopping and discounted prices as the shopping centers. This benefit has estimated 13 million veteran shopping increase potential for exchanges.
“It’s an honor to now provide this service and benefit to our well-deserving veterans. Once a Marine, always a Marine,” said Cindy Whitman Lacy, Marine Corps Exchange Director of Business and Support Services at Headquarters Marine Corps Manpower and Reserve Affairs, in a statement today announcing the verifying website.  
“This initiative is one of many ways to keep our community connected.”  

The Senate passed the VA Accountability Bill June 6, and the legislation will make its way to the House next week. The bill would give the VA an easier process for vetting employees.

McCarthy said Wednesday the bill will help improve the government’s second largest department by giving VA Secretary David Shulkin more authority to discipline employees. “If somebody is a bad character, done a lot of bad things they couldn’t survive anyplace else, but you can’t get rid of them, the attitude of good employees goes away, too,” he said.

The AMVETS Post at Bay County, Florida, gave a generous contribution to five Bay County Junior Reserve Officer Training Course (JROTC) June 6. The donations totaled $25,000 and took years to pull together.
“Who best to give it to than the JROTC our future leaders in the military and so that’s what we do, so we’re going to make a sizeable contribution to each one of the Bay County High Schools” said AMVETS Post Commander Rocky Bradford.

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Recap (June 5-9)

  1. Thanks for all you are doing to stop this IU cut for older veterans. For most of us if we lose this it will bankrupt a lot of vets the day it starts. and over time a lot more. My wife is on Medicare but she is not 65, and we can`t buy a supplement under age 65. She has ChampVa now and one hospital visit for any length of time will bankrupt us. Thank you, James B Bost

  2. Hello team, thanks for your support…I wish you the best next week, please do your best to stop this nonsense proposal, to be honest the VA scretary is the problem, personally he needs to go, he’s agreeing with this proposal, so why he is the secretary if he not doing nothing for the veterans..this IU topic shouldn’t have been a subject or topic at all..please make sure you folks talk to some senators that have some big balls to stop this madness..the way I see it, if the US can spend tons of money overseas for things that are not that important to the American people then it should not be a problem supporting our veterans 100% for of luck, thanks for everything you all do..

  3. Just isn’t right. I’m a widow and will lose my home, car, and will have to file bankruptcy. Help!

  4. i am a 64 yo female vet with a 100%sc disability rating. i have been unable to work for 30 yrs and my SSDI is only $1364/mo. what am i supposed to do? i will lose my home, my car , my good credit. Trump will hurt so many of us if this bill passes. i EARNED this income. i have not been employable for 30 years because of what happened to me on duty. my health was sacrificed for my country. now this man and the man callously leading the v a will leave me homeless and destitute. have they no compassion at all? i don’t know what i will do. move to a 3rd world nation where i could maybe afford a hut and a donkey? shame on you trump and schulkin!

  5. I especially agree with Mario (above) 100%.
    One of the things he addressed in part was: “tons of money being spent overseas that are not important to the American People”. I left this message on another one of your posts but I want to repeat it here, in hopes that some Congressmen/Senators(s) will hear about it:
    I’ve read that the U.S. gives the country of Israel approximately 4 Billion dollars on an annual basis. Now I don’t have anything at all against Israel, in fact I admire their leader and sympathize that they have to live in a war zone 24/7. But Israel is a very wealthy country and I’d venture to say they could get by very easily without our annual gift of 4 Billion dollars. They also benefit from half of our armed forces being stationed in the Middle East helping stop the spread the spread of terrorism. And not to mention weapon sales, weapons gifts, etc., etc. I’m wondering why we provide them with approx. 4 billion each year when that money could be used to rescue the IU Program if it is too expensive. I’m quite sure that their government would gladly return those funds if they knew that 225K of some of our most severely injured Veterans (and their families) were losing most of their benefits. The new VA Secretary wants to do away with his IU Program that has provided a decent benefit to some of America’s most severely disabled Veterans for around 80 years. I strongly feel that the Israeli funds should be used to pay for our IU program. It just doesn’t pass another one of those “Straight Faced” tests to pay Israel and close down the most important benefit programs that the VA has. I just wish Congress would consider this. Sorry but I really do believe in America First. Will you folks consider getting this message out to where it might actually do some good? I would appreciate it.

    1. I totally agree….passing this bill woul be a travesty for hundreds of thousands didabled vets…myself included….what is wrong with Trump, and Schulkin…are they deranged ???

  6. Please ask the VA if they are going to pay off my VA backed VA mortgage that I had to use my VA 100% IU income to qualify for my VA Loan…yeah…adk them that…

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