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Legislative Priorities

Legislative Priorities

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Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

  • Reduce stigma
  • Increase access to care
  • Improve identification & treatment
  • Increase knowledge of mild-to-moderate TBIs & behavioral after effects
  • Advocate for veterans with bad paper discharges as a result of undiagnosed or improperly treated post-deployment mental health issues, including TBIs
  • Increase acceptance and use of Veteran Treatment Courts

Toxic Wounds

  • Recognition and compensation for diseases acquired after toxic exposure – emphasizing exposures not yet recognized by VA as presumptively causing ill health, such as Burn Pits

Service Dogs & Assistive Technology

  • Assistive Technology Service Dogs can aid in dressing, opening/shutting doors, retrieving items, turning lights off/on, alert to medical issues, and more
  • Prosthetics & Traditional Assistive Technology

Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM)

  • Expand and enhance VA’s offering of CAM for chronic pain and other health conditions including mental health
  • Most commonly used alternative treatments for chronic pain:
    Chiropractic Care
    Medical Marijuana
    Stress-Management/Relaxation Techniques

All active National Resolutions comprise our full Legislative Agenda

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