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CBL Amendments & Resolutions

One of the most unique and powerful privileges of AMVETS membership is participating in the policy-making process. During National Convention and National Executive Committee (NEC) Meetings the AMVETS agenda, legislative priorities, programs and membership issues are determined. Constitution & Bylaw Amendments (CBL) that are passed by the body at National Convention amend or add to the AMVETS National Constitution & Bylaws; Resolutions that are passed by the body at National Convention are part of AMVETS’ legislative agenda for two years.

Any member can propose a Resolution or a CBL Amendment with Department approval. Click here for a more detailed explanation.

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2017-2018 Proposed CBL Amendments & Resolutions:

Note: The following proposed CBL Amendments and Resolutions are subject to change until they are voted on at National Convention in August. As Department approved submissions are received they will be posted below. National HQ reserves the right to edit Resolution submissions without changing intent.

Draft CBL Amendments:

CBL-01Sad Sacks Membership
CBL-02Resolutions Committee
CBL-03Duties of Commander after Service
CBL-04Life Member Interest for Ads
CBL-05Dept Commanders to Vote
CBL-06Change Name of Ladies Auxiliary
CBL-07Increase NEC Stipends
CBL-08IRS Form 990
CBL-09National Grievance Committee
CBL-10Appendix B to Bylaws
CBL-11 Reimbursement Policy for Officers & Subordinates
CBL-12Amend Investment Policy
CBL-13Amend Dates of Department Conventions
CBL-14Remove National 3rd Vice Commander Position
CBL-15Update Appendix C of the National Bylaws
CBL-16Allow Sons Wives in the Ladies Auxiliary


Draft Resolutions:

18-01Burial Benefits
18-02Claims & Appeals
18-03Concurrent Receipt
18-06Civilian Credentialing
18-07Employment & Housing Rights
18-08Homeless Prevention
18-09Homeless Women Veterans
18-10Veteran Preference
18-12Veteran Treatment Courts
18-13Expand Caregiver Program
18-16Toxic Exposure
18-18Women Veterans
18-19Flag Protection
18-21Republic of Taiwan
18-22VA Drug Pricing Initiatives

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