Saturday 27th May 2017


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There are veterans who have been deported and there are a lot of rumors as to why, who they are, and...

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Members from AMVETS Post 911 setting up crosses for our brothers and sister from Polk County that pa...

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To Budget panel..

My ability to earn a decent income (earning power) is handicapped based on age and life expectancy...which has reached the edge of the final obsess as with most seniors.
My generation, my grandparents and parents generation, and our children's generation have fought in WW-2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm and now OEF/OIF.
Our generational spouses, sister and moms suffered through these wars and, as a family, we have sacrificed so much of our life to benefit our future generations.
In short...we carried the world on our shoulders and did without much of life's comforts to provide today's youth with a more generous and opportunistic lifestyle.
I am a conservative, republican oriented human and without remorse... I will do what ever it takes to prevent another gram of weight to be added to our sacrifice.
How dare you to strip one cent from our veterans to supplement the lazy and prostitute your vote to remain in office. To punish the vet to benefit the young and financially punish the elderly whom have financially and physically sacrificed all to bring democracy to our country and so many others on this planet.
Our earning power sucks and our budgets are fixed due to age restrictions... yet, you want to financially gang rape us to justify your waste of tax revenues.
Haven't we, the vets, earned a break due to 60-80 years of paying taxes and poring the foundation to this very prosperous nation.
Our nations youth have 50 plus more years of "Earning Power" whereas we have but moments available to enjoy our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
So, in conclusion, I will put back on my warrior uniform and realign my brain housing group to resist this travesty.

JM Woolford
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