Monday 24th July 2017


It is so ironic how things work in the Boise VA Medical System. In February 2015 I noticed my two small toes on each foot were numb. I made an appt. with my PCP and was set up with an outside Neurologist Dr. Hahn. He evaluated it and said he wanted to bring in another doctor to take a look. Weeks later an appt. was made and after that time the neuropathy was spreading to my other toes. Dr. Hahn then stated, after I ask "What I do for me, what can you do for me or what can we do together to fix this?" His complete and total answer was "I DON'T KNOW!" He did not further suggest getting another doctors opinion nor go to some specialty place. He left it as such and nothing more was or has been done. To this day the complete numbness has spread over my ankles and both my hands. I specifically made an appt. 25 May 2017 to my PCP Dr. Elizabeth Miller to get some medicine I see all the time on tv for neuropathic pain. She refused and weeks later I requested to have the medicine again and as usual...refused.
I have been refused medical care to get my shattered broken foot fixed. 10 March 2015, I went down the ladder from my attic and my right foot caught about 1/4" of the bottom two steps. I thought I may have sprained my ankle although my ankle did not hurt, but my heel was screaming from pain. I went two and a half weeks and finally went into the ER. They did Xrays and said I my have a broken bone. Two weeks later I had an appt. with a PA Ortho and he wanted an MRI taken. Seems my foot at my heel was shattered. He stated to me that he was not sure about what to do (first honest answer in a long time from a VA Doctor). He daid he wanted to bring in a doctor from an outside hospital. A Dr. Rossier from St. Lukes Hospital was brought in. He reviewed my Xray and MRI results. I looked at him and he looked at me. I then ask, "So what can you do for me, what can I do for me or what can we do together to fix my problem?" With a straight look he stated "You can either live with the pain or I can fuse your foot to your leg". This answer did not go over to well. I then went directly to my team and ask to see my PCP. I was ask why so proceeded to state how some idiot doctor was brought and told me I could live with the terrific pain or he was looking at fusing my foot, which means no movement or use afterwards. Well that statement later got me flagged in the hospital. I then went to the complete and utter useless Patient Advocate (So many vets complain about how incompetent he has been), he did nothing after I filed a complaint. I called him three times and left a voice mail, but since then no return call has been made. I finally went to the VA Director Dave Woods, he failed do anything since an attempt was made from an outside source. I told him "Are a complete and ignorant person to go with the answers I received from the Dr. Rossier?" Well, that statement has now caused me to be flagged across the entire US in every VA Hopsitals. I have filed complaints with VISN and many with the VAOIG. "They do not care!" Since then, I have complained enough to purposely make them tired of me and now I can go have it finally operated on as of three weeks ago. However I am going through a very nasty divorce, going on 11 months. The stress of living in severe pain and divorce and anniversaries of losing two daughters, second anniversay coming up on 17 August for one daughter that was 12 years. I also ask my PCP if I could be given some valium as before for the severe chest pains which takes away my breath and makes it very hard to breath. She refused that as well.
I have to be completely honest as I am a unofficial patient advocate and have assisted thousands of Disabled Veterans across the entire USA. I am extremely proud of what I do as I have been doing this for 15 years and use my own money to travel to every VA Facility to visit waiting rooms and act like a patient to be seen. I then tell people my name is Jeff and I know the problems they are going through and would love to help them and would love to assist them in getting their complete disabilty compensation they have earned, deserved and never could get.
It is however so very troubling I can do so much for others and yet I can not help myself and the goverment will not assist in any way to intervene. I believe quite some time back I wrote this to some degree on this FB Site, but never heard anything.
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