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Annual National Convention

The National Convention is where AMVETS leaders and members will be given a chance to shape the future of

our great organization. From electing new leaders to

voting on resolutions that set the foundation of AMVETS,

the National Convention sets the stage for the coming year.

Convention 2024 Dates:

August 5th - August 10th

Future Convention Sites: 

  • August 19-23, 2025 - Greensboro, NC

  • 2026 - Orlando, FL


Springfield, IL: Site of AMVETS' 2024 National Convention

Rolling to Remember


Every Memorial Day, we continue the tradition of riding around our nation’s capital advocating for our prisoners of war and missing in action, as well as the veteran suicide crisis we face.

Rolling to Remember 2025: May 25

NEC Meetings






Our National Executive Committees (NEC) meet quarterly to discuss and vote on matters relevant to AMVETS. Early spring and late fall meetings are typically held near our National Headquarters or virtually. Summer meetings are held in August during National Convention.


Future NEC Meetings:

  • August 7 & 10 - Springfield, IL

  • March 2025 - Washington, PA 



Legislative Advocacy Week


Every March, AMVETS members travel to our nation’s capital to speak directly to Congress. We present our legislative priorities, advocating for veterans in meetings with Congressional staff, at our annual reception, and through testimony from our National Commander, presented to a joint session of the Senate and House committees on Veterans’ Affairs.

AMVETS' 2024 'LAW' week dates: March 5-9
AMVETS' 2025 LAW dates coming soon

The Silver Helmet Awards


The annual Silver Helmet Awards recognize excellence and outstanding accomplishment in the fields of Americanism, defense, rehabilitation, congressional and civil service. Additionally, the Ladies Auxiliary presents the Humanitarian Award to an outstanding American who serves our country in peace and war. The Sons of AMVETS recognize a distinguished civic leader with their National Aid and Support Award. And the AMVETS Riders present their Guardian Award.


Nominations for the Silver Helmet Awards originate with individual AMVETS members and AMVETS posts‚ and are endorsed by the respective state AMVETS honors and awards committees prior to the AMVETS National Convention in August.

The AMVETS National Honors and Awards Committee‚ composed of all past national commanders and the last five “AMVET-of-the-Year” awardees‚ reviews the nominations and makes recommendations to the convention to determine the recipients.

Nominations are due by August 1 each year. Please use the following form and email submissions to

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