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Build a Post

AMVETS has an honorable history helping veterans in communities throughout America. Building an AMVETS Post allows your members to shape your outreach. It is 4 easy steps and National Headquarters is here to help you. Call us with question at 877-726-8387. Go to our home page for information and resources.


1. Charter Document: A post requires 10 Members. New Members can join with this application.

2. This is the link for the post Officer-Revalidation form on our website. It is under the Resources and Forms link under the Membership dropdown. Once Charter Members (at least 10) are established they vote on the Post Officers. The Post Officers are listed on page 2 of the form. The front page has a space for the Official Contact and the Renewal Contact. Emails are essential!

3. This is the link for the sample Constitution and Bylaws. CBL’s must be established and agreed upon by the post membership.

4. Employer Identification Number (EIN) Number: It takes about 10 minutes to apply online. These tips will help with your online EIN application.

» Post Charter Application – PDF file (429 KB)

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