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White Clover

The White Clover, meaning, “remember me” is the official flower of AMVETS, it symbolizes the states from which the U.S. Armed Forces were drawn and the worldwide battlefields on which they fought. (It is a four-leaf clover.)


Since 1946, AMVETS throughout America have brought the White Clover into their communities to benefit and assist the needy-both veterans and the general public. The White Clover program is an excellent project to raise funds that will benefit veteran’s service activities. Ideal times for this traditional project are around Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day. Be sure to obtain permission and acquire permits where required by law. Most communities will give full support for charitable activities such as a White Clover drive, because the proceeds are used locally. White clovers are available through the AMVETS Quartermaster.

What is a White Clover Medal?

The White Clover Medal is a National award that was developed and approved a number of years ago. It is recognition for an AMVETS member who exemplifies service to veterans, most often service to our hospitalized veterans. There is not one specific set of criteria; in fact various Departments have differing criteria.

However, it is frequently used to recognize a Post Service Officer or an individual who has performed some special task(s) in the line of service to hospitalized veterans.

Some departments/posts award it to the person leading the most successful “White Clover Drive” since the money raised is frequently used for the benefit of patients at the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.

Some department/posts award it to the person who represents their “AMVET of the Year,” based on individuals impressive accomplishments in service to veterans. Typically, departments/posts using this recognition make one award per year.

To request a White Clover Medal, please contact the AMVETS National Programs Department.

White Clover Princess Program

A few AMVETS departments also conduct a program where they select a young lady to represent AMVETS and promote the White Clover Program throughout the year at various AMVETS and public venues. This is a great way to showcase the campaign but more importantly bring attention to what is being done on behalf of our veterans with the funds secured through the program.

For more information, please call the AMVETS National Programs Dept.

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