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Program Reports

Reporting Notes:

Departments are responsible to enter the data online for posts providing paper reports. This department action is required a minimum of two times each year, for the reporting periods ending in June and December.

Posts from unorganized departments without access to a computer may send reports directly to the National Programs Department.

Note for Department Officers:

If you have not logged onto the “Online Programs” system in order to track what your Posts are doing, please do so today and give us a call so we can set your user privilege at the department level.

Login online Reporting:


*Please submit form to

NEC Reports


Submission of this report is due at Headquarters 30 days prior to the scheduled NEC meeting by all Department NEC, National District Commanders and National Officers. Please contact Joe Chenelly at with questions.

For more information regarding AMVETS National Programs Department, please contact a member of our staff:

National Program Manager
Phone: (301) 683-4031

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