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The Veteranpreneur Business Grant


Deadline: Applications for the Generation T scholarship will be accepted from February 22 through September 24th, 2021

Are you already a master at your trade and ready to take the next step?

Through this partnership, we are able to launch the advancement of entrepreneurs, whether they are veterans or the spouse of veterans.

The advantages that military service brings to businesses not only make you an ideal candidate for jobs, it gives you the competitive advantage as an entrepreneur. Your service to this country translates into the abilities to effectively manage risk, operate well under pressure, get a lot done with limited resources, be highly resilient, and leverage cross cultural experiences. Additionally, our spouses are educated, highly resourceful, team-oriented, diverse, adaptable, and multi-taskers which are qualities that give them the leading edge as entrepreneurs.

Veterans and spouses can continue serving our country by creating jobs, building innovative companies thus contributing to our economy and our communities. Recognizing business opportunities, having good work-life balance, financial and personal independence are some of the things we strive for after serving this great country. Through this grant, AMVETS and Lowe’s are providing you the opportunity to achieve the American Dream and continue building and making our nation strong.

If you have proven business savvy, you’re invited to apply for one of four grants worth $25,000. Here’s what we’re looking for in your submissions:

  • Must be a service member, veteran or the spouse of a service member or veteran

  • Applicant’s business must be in a construction trade. This includes fencing, painting, carpentry, HVAC, electrical, tiling, etc.

  • Applicant must be at least a Journeyman in their trade; OR submit a portfolio a selection of your past projects; OR a letter of recommendation from your boss, peers or clients describing the quality of your work

  • Applicant must complete online application which includes video submission, business plan, business logo, social media platforms utilized.


Here are some tips on constructing your video.

Applications for the Veteranpreneur Business Grant will be accepted from February 22, 2021 through September 24, 2021.

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