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Value Generated by AMVETS Members and Programs

AMVETS members nationwide take pride in volunteering their time to help veterans, their families, and the community resulting in over 24 million dollars and over 662 thousand hours of service. The pie chart below breaks down the hard work and commitment by showing the activity of the top ten out of 30 plus AMVETS Programs.

The value of reporting also provides intangible results:

  • Gives AMVETS at the post level credibility (especially if the IRS wants to know how we are helping our veterans) we have the reports that gives us leverage.

  • Gives AMVETS fire power in Washington DC on the Hill, when we can say what we are doing across the country to help veterans again, it gives us credibility.

  • It also shows that we are serious about the issues that affect our veterans, ex. homelessness, natural disaster relief and that we are doing something at the post and department levels, etc.

  • Gives the post/department a record of past activities for future leaders.

  • A great dialog of ‘show and tell’ for potential members and donors.

  • A motivator for more members to get involved and do more!


AMVETS Programs and Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS) cash or in-kind donations are approximately 7.5 million dollars. The value of the volunteer hours uses the Independent Sector Formula of $25.43 for 2019. This is the standard used and accepted by a consortium of over 500 Non-Profits and the Department of Veterans Affairs VAVS Office.

All Other Programs includes but is not limited to Memorial Day and Veterans Day observance, S.A.V.E./Suicide Awareness, Patriotism Flag, JROTC/ROTC, Scouting, Blood Drives, and much more.

The Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service office reports VAVS numbers within Veterans Affairs facilities of AMVETS volunteer activities.


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