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Hurricane Ian

AMVETS' core value is to continuously service our veterans, their families, and the communities they live in, whether that be through times of calm or chaos.


With hurricane Ian making its way through the lower United States, we implore all posts and departments to help their neighboring AMVETS and communities in the safest ways possible.


It is during times like these that our organization comes through for the American public, and we display our selfless sense of service and perseverance.

Please share the resources below.


The Veterans

Crisis Line:

988 (press 1)


(833) 838-4325

BREAKING: VA offers benefit debt relief to Veterans affected by recent hurricanes

The Department of Veterans Affairs is offering a suspension of debt repayments for Veterans and family members

affected by Hurricane Fiona or Hurricane Ian.

For suspension of benefit debt, Veterans and beneficiaries can contact the VA Debt Management Center via Ask VA at (select Veterans Affairs-Debt as the category) or call 800-827-0648.

For suspension of medical care and pharmacy copayment debt, Veterans and beneficiaries can contact the Health

Resource Center or by calling 866-400-1238.

Veterans can also check the status of their VA debt online on VA's debt portal.

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