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Veteran Scholarship Program FAQs

Through a corporate grant from WD-40 Company, Inc., AMVETS is pleased to offer scholarships to veterans and spouses of veterans who aspire to begin or advance their career in the construction trades. For questions, please contact Carl Jackson at or 301-683-4007.


What is considered a “construction trade”?

Construction trades in this case refer to the creation and maintenance of the physical world around us. These professional endeavors include carpentry, flooring, electrical, plumbing, painting, fencing, cabinet installation and so much more that we often take for granted. Our goal with the Veteran Scholarship Program is to support those who want to enter or advance in the skilled trades industry.

When is the Veteran Scholarship Program open?

Applications for the Veteran Scholarship Program will be accepted August 1st, through October 15th, 2023.

I am the spouse of a veteran, what documentation must I include when applying?

You can submit your spouse’s DD214 or VA summary of benefits as documentation.

My veteran spouse is deceased, am I eligible?

Yes. You can submit your spouse’s DD214 or VA summary of benefits as documentation.

What if I am no longer married to a Veteran or Service Member?

If you are no longer married to a Veteran or Service Member, you are not eligible for this scholarship.

Can I use my GI Bill, other scholarships or grants along with this scholarship?

No. This scholarship is to be used when all other means have been exhausted.

What if my school requires me to purchase tools and the costs are not included in my tuition?

Include the costs and tools needed in your application and WD-40 may be able to provide you with the tools at no cost.


Will I be paid directly?

No. Scholarship funds are paid directly to the institution.


Will scholarships be paid all at once?

No. Our scholarship terms and conditions require that recipients submit documentation demonstrating satisfactory progression of their training in order to receive the next installation of their scholarship.

When will the scholarship recipients be announced?

The winners will be announced the week of Veterans Day.


Are there age requirements?

No. If you meet the military service and educational requirements, anyone with an interest in entering the skilled trades is welcome to apply.

Can my child apply for these scholarships?

Children of Veterans are not eligible for WD-40's scholarships. However, AMVETS has other scholarships available for children of Veterans.

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